Jamataka, Makobo Prefer Tonota Sub-District

| January 15, 2015

Residents of Jamataka and Makobo villages want to be serviced from Tonota Sub-district rather than Tutume sub-district.

The residents said this during a kgotla meeting addressed by Shashe West MP, Mr Fidelis Molao on January 13.

Jamataka Village Development Committee (VDC) vice chairperson, Mr Masedi Mosako explained that under tribal administration, they were attended to in Tonota and other administrative services, they were serviced by Tutume.

He said this was causing confusion and was also expensive to travel to reach for services, noting that once incorporated into Tonota, they would cut on transport costs and service provision would be better in that they would easily make follow ups on their requests.

Mr Mosako further asserted that the majority of people have given up on taking programmes in that making follow ups on their application comes at a cost ,even on things, which service providers should come and give feedback on.

On other issues, Mr Mosako complained that the mobile clinic from Makobo was not satisfactory. He said as such, they were forced to get help from Borolong clinic or were referred to Nyangabgwe Referral Hospital.

Mr Mosako further noted that in most cases, they were unable to get their medication from the facilities in their vicinity. This therefore meant travelling to Nyangabgwe hospital resulting in many patients defaulting on their treatment.

He therefore made an appeal to have the clinic, which they asked for to be built, more so that the plot was already available. Sharing similar sentiments, Kgosi Adam Makobo of Makobo appealed to the MP to intensify efforts of being moved to Tonota.

He said being administered from one local authority would improve the service standards and their concerns would easily be addressed.

Responding to the concerns, Mr Molao explained that relocation from one sub-district to another was a process, which goes through channels of consultations as it has many implications, which involves not only the local authority but other departments as well, which service an area.

He however highlighted that their request was still being discussed and would be passed on to the Central District and later to the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

Mr Molao said after all procedures had been done, they should understand that both sub-districts were in the Central district and administrative boundaries changes have a lasting impact.

With regards to the clinic, he said the project had been included in the new National Development Plan (NDP) 11 and assured them even if it could take time to start, it would be done during NDP 11.

He also informed them that their village was part of the 23 villages in the Central district, which would be electrified in the new plan.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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