Judge worries over delays in murder case

| September 12, 2013

Delays in the protracted case of three men accused of killing Leslie Ntshwane in Mochudi in 2011 have become a major cause for concern for the presiding judge.
Judge Key Dingake of the Gaborone High Court on Monday felt that trial in the matter should be concluded as soon as next week so that ruling can be delivered.

The judge’s concern followed the prosecution’s request to have the case postponed by a week because the lead prosecutor Ambrose Mubika could not attend court due to a family bereavement. Dingake – who expressed sympathy for Mubika – contested that if trial was not concluded by next week then the case ran the risk of being settled next year.

The three men accused of murdering Ntshwane are Thabo Stimela, Aubrey Nkuna and Victor Sebina. Up to seven witnesses were expected to give evidence during trial, but indications are that more witnesses may come forward. During a brief court session on Monday, judge Dingake said it was in the interest of justice to complete the matter as soon as possible. “The matter has been hanging over the heads of the accused persons for a long time,” he cautioned.

Meanwhile, the defence team in the matter convinced the court to make variations on bail conditions for Stimela and Nkuna so that the two men only report twice at Central Police station instead of reporting daily as before. One of the defence attorneys Advocate Sidney Pilane said the accused persons had shown that they would be available for court sessions until the matter is completed.

Matlhogonolo Phuthego who represents the state agreed to the variations on the bail conditions for the two men. Both the prosecution and defence are also expected to meet and agree on whether it is necessary to call more witnesses to the stand.

The defence team includes Pilane, Mmusi Kgafela, Unoda Mack and Moses Kadye. The prosecution team includes Mubika, Phuthego and Mmapatsi Tshimologo.

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