Kaudwane Multi Cooperative Defies Odds

| January 28, 2015

Many cooperative societies in Botswana have collapsed due to maladministration. The Kaudwane Multi Cooperative is one of the few that have escaped the misfortune that befell other cooperatives.

The cooperative played a major role in employment creation for residents. The cooperative sells goods that consist of food baskets, toiletry, drinks, stationery and clothing.

Located in the centre of the village next to the main Kgotla and Kaudwane Primary School and along the Khutshe Game Reserve road, the multi cooperative society is strategically placed as it is the only shop at Kaudwane and its competitors are tuck shops.

The cooperative is currently enjoying benefits such as supplying the needy and orphans with food baskets and toiletry.

The success of Kaudwane Multi cooperative society was attributed to good management and team work among its members. With the motto ‘Tshwaragano’ which means team work, the cooperative is owned by Kaudwane community through subscribing to membership and shareholding.

When one joins the cooperative they pay joining fee amounting to P50.00 and shareholding amount of P120.00.

In an interview recently the cooperative chairperson, Ms Maoshale Obotseng, said the Kaudwane Multi Cooperative society was founded in 2003 as an idea and become fully operational in 2010.

Ms Obotseng said the cooperative was set up because there were no shops at Kaudwane, which led them to travel to Salajwe and Letlhakeng to buy groceries. Furthermore Ms Obotseng said they want to diversify their cooperative in the next five years by including furniture and building materials.

Although the cooperative is a success, there are major challenges like lack of transport from Kaudwane to Molepolole where they buy their stock items. Other challenges include lack of electricity at Kaudwane which lead them to use generators. Ms Obotseng urges those who doubt partnership businesses and cooperatives to benchmark from them.

She said their spirit of togetherness and trust will prevail. The Society currently employs 6 staff members. It has 43 registered members and it is steered by a committee of 7 members which are elected every 12 months.

One of the employees of the cooperative Mr Mokgosiemang Mosaletsa who works as a stock packer said he started working for the cooperative in 2012.Mr Mosaletsa is proud that the Kaudwane Multi cooperative society is a success as being one of those behind its success.

He said the cooperative offers him an attractive salary that helps him to take care of his family.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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