Kgalagadi – Unexploited Tourism Hub

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Low exploitation of tourism sector in Kgalagadi District has negatively affected the development of the area.

Speaking during district development plan 8 (DDP8)national development plan 11(NDP11) community consultation meeting in Ngwatle, the principal economist, Mr Realeboga Setlhoka said wildlife management area (WMA) covered majority of Kgalagadi land and as such residents should come up with incisive projects and initiatives on the upcoming DDP8NDP11 on how to convert Kgalagadi into a tourism centre.

He said tourism is one sector that has proved to be bearing fruit when it comes to employment creation and development hence it can immensely address issue of high unemployment rate that has blanketed Kgalagadi residents across all ages. He indicated that Maun is one leading example that tourism could contribute towards human development.

Mr Setlhoka said other crucial segment that resident can look into is transport as it can assist to lure in more direct investors that can help in community improvement. He noted that availability of transport including airlines can also lead to influx of tourist.

Mr Setlhoka further challenged residents of Kgalagadi to come up with projects that will better address intensely alive poor education results that has covered their area. He said even though education results are poor country wide, Kgalagadi region is among the leading poor performers in the country.

He however sighted that the district had planned to undertake some projects during DDP7NDP10 plan period, but could not be captured due to the economic recession which occurred at the beginning of the plan period.

He said as a result, government opted to implement only ongoing and emergency projects and priority was given to socio economic development initiative including among others poverty eradication and construction of destitute houses.

Mr Setlhoka stated that government has come up with four ways in which DDP8NDP11 will tackle issues in the coming plan, saying the projects and programmes will be categorised into economic and employment, social improvement, sustainable environment and government safety and security.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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