Kgale Hill Unearths Talent


Kgale Hill Junior School appreciates the importance of edutainment as it makes the learning process more enjoyable and engaging which is the key to effective learning.

The school’s deputy head teacher, Gertrude Masunga said edutainment, which uses entertainment for education purposes helps in unearthing talent.

She said the recently held a show at the school to enable students to explore their talents and non-academic skills.

Masunga said entertainment was part of the curriculum and it was supposed to be carried once per term.

She said the idea of the show themed, “I am young, gifted and inspired” was to celebrate the artistic talents her students possess.

“Students do not excel only on academics but they possess talents like dancing, singing and sports,” she said.

Masunga said another objective was ‘to facilitate learners’ self-awareness and self-mastery through recognition of their talents, skills and interests.’

The aim was to assist learners’ to realise their skills and talents which could be beneficial to them in future.

One of the guests from Sky Girls, Galaletsang Kgosiemang told the students to be responsible in everything they do.

She told students that they should know what they want and what they do not want, as well as refrain from negative activities like smoking and backstabbing but rather engage in positive activities like education, dancing and keeping company with good friends.

Entertainers of the day included Drama-Boi and Team Distant, who also explained the importance of education to students, particularly that some members of Team Distant are still attending school.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News