Kgosi Calls for Adherence of TB Treatment

| January 8, 2015

Kgosi Nxuka Xishee of Xaixai in the Okavango sub district has raised concern that most of her subjects default in taking tuberculosis (TB) treatment as directed by health officials despite efforts made to offer them counseling and support.

Kgosi Xishee said in an interview that it is worrisome as some patients mix treatment with traditional brew hence frustrating government efforts to cure and prevent the disease.

She noted that the situation become out of control during Ipelegeng pay days as most patients drink alcohol before taking treatment.

She said although efforts are made to regulate the sales of traditional brew in the village, it is frustrating as shebeen owners obey the rules and regulations when there is no business.

Kgosi Xishee appreciated efforts made by Kuru Cultural Group to motivate patient to adhere to treatment through giving gifts.

She also observed that cluster policing is also doing a good job to educate the community about the danger of not taking treatment properly and also monitoring shebeens.

In addition, she said health official also addresses meetings to educate residents about the disease.

She believes that failure to adhere to TB treatment properly would lead to active disease within a relatively short time while in others it may take years before active disease develops, if at all.

On other issues, Kgosi Xishee said the community appreciated the rapid implementation of developments in the village, noting that they enjoyed a great support from Office of the President while other projects were carried through Ipelegeng Programme.

She explained that Xaixai is a small village with over 500 population and most of the residents earn a living through Ipelegeng Programme and other government initiatives in place.

About 117 people have been enrolled under Ipelegeng, mostly the youth.

Kgosi Xishee is optimistic that the opening of new tourism facilities at Gcwihaba caves would improve the local economy as more people would get employment.

Meanwhile, the village has a local trust named Xaixai Tlhabologo Trust, which she said has not been operating effectively because of the transfer from consumptive tourism to non-consumptive tourism.

Kgosi Xishee said since the transfer, the trust has been struggling with funds to drive community projects and generate more funds because it depended more on hunting.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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