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Specially elected Member of Parliament, also Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Mr Eric Molale, says leadership of the country must be respected.

Deliberating on the State-of-the-Nation Address on November 25, Mr Molale said President Lt Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama was brought to Parliament by the will of the people and therefore people expected that MPs should also respect the leadership.

He said respect and tolerance were time tested values of the country and therefore members should not put them aside when they were in the National Assembly.

On another issue, Mr Molale said members should understand their roles and that Botswana was guided by the Constitution which spelt out clearly leadership roles and other responsible institutions meant to create harmony in the country.

Inevitably, he said they would be some roles which if not handled wisely might turn into conflict. However, he said President Khama, as head of government and leading the country had been able to skew that effectively hence his return to the National Assembly to run the country.

He was also against some suggestions that the President be present in the house to answer some questions, saying he had a capable front bench to answer to all questions from members. Mr Molale argued that President Khama spent more time with the electorate and directly appreciating their challenges.

He further challenged members to ponder and reflect saying there had been statements made that citizens were living in fear.

“I want to put it across to those who have made these allegations that crime statistics had declined. The DIS has also done a good job to protect this country from foreign elements and able to deal with them. I therefore implore people out there to continue to assist the DIS to ensure that the country remains safe and no fear is built on our citizens,” he said.

Mr Molale also took a swipe at the opposition saying they should not blame the Botswana Democratic Party for their failures but should be responsible for things they said and did. He thus urged members to listen to what had been put before the House and come up with constructive criticism.

MP for Serowe South, Dr Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi was also against those who disrespected the leadership arguing that government served all Batswana regardless of where they came from.

Dr Venson-Moitoi rebutted allegations as alluded to by some members of the opposition that government was not fairly treating the Basarwa in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) because of their ethnicity. She argued that government could not assist those in the CKGR because it was far and costly to take service to the area.

On education, she said government was working on an education transformation programme that would eventually improve performance of schools around the country.

She said conditions of service for teachers were being improved teachers were trained and the curriculum was also being changed. She added that vocational training was also encompassed in the transformation programme.

MP for Francistown West, Mr Ignatius Moswaane said it was important for members to address challenges that Batswana continued to be faced with.

Mr Moswaane argued that members should respect each other, especially President Khama in their deliberations so as to reach a common goal in their efforts to improve the lives of the people.

He further argued that being obedient and loyal to the leadership should not be seen as bootlicking thus members should thank President Khama in his efforts to try to better lives of citizens via poverty eradication programme.

That, he said was a commendable thing thus members should continue to support the President and each other in Parliament.

Nevertheless, Mr Moswaane indicated that his constituency was faced with a lot of challenges thus implored government to look into such.

He told Parliament that there was a need for a district hospital in Francistown because the Nyangabgwe Referral Hospital was overwhelmed and as a result services were poor while the hospital was also faced with shortage of staff and doctors.

He also said there was need for internal as well as dual roads to ease traffic in the city. Further, he called for transformation of the old Tatitown Primary School into a brigade which he argued would benefit the youth in the city in terms of vocational training.

He argued that Batswana were unfairly competing with big and foreign companies, hence the need for a deliberate policy that would enable citizens to enter into joint ventures with such companies.

Further, he argued that while SHHA had done fairly well in providing some Batswana with shelter, the programme needs to be reviewed to cater for civil servants who qualified.

He also said the threshold must be increased as well as home improvement loans.

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Source : Botswana Daily News

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