Khomas High Wins Debating Contest (

| September 1, 2015

WINDHOEK High and Khomas High faced off in the final round of The Namibian Newspaper’s first ever annual high school debating competition with the Khomas High team coming out victorious on Saturday.

The final motion of the two-day Namibian Public Speaking and Debate Cup was ‘This House Supports Censorship’ with the winning team fiercely proposing the idea and fighting to have the government ban all media that might be insensitive or harmful to society.

Windhoek High School opposed this. Their argument was that censorship of the media, be it in print or electronically, would limit creativity and freedom of expression. They also felt that censorship would provide government with the opportunity to cover up their own corruption and spread propaganda.

The adjudicators, sourced from University of Namibia’s Debate Society (UDEBSO) and the Polytechnic Debate Society (PDS) scrutinised every argument and deliberated over each debate to bring about the fairest and most balanced judgement. They eventually ruled in favour of the proposing Khomas High School team.

Twenty-one schools from seven towns participated in the debate tournament which took place at Windhoek High School from Friday.

To get to the final, Khomas High School faced Jan Möhr Secondary School in the semi-final round with the motion ‘This House Believes That Free Education Compromises the Quality of Education’.

The teams spent their time during the tournament discussing, debating and breaking down current and important social issues.

Jan Möhr walked away with a trophy for having the highest combined speaker points overall for the tournament. The eight top participating schools have also secured spots in the Books Botswana Schools Speaking Championships that will take place in Gaborone in December.

The purpose of this annual event is to promote a reading culture, media literacy and boost pupils’ confidence. Speaking at the prize giving ceremony, The Namibian’s general manager, Sieggie Veii-Mujoro, said it is important for debating in the country to have more support and that “the idea behind a competition is to create and cultivate critical thinkers.”

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