Kitsong Centre touches lives

Mascom Wireless continues to invest in the lives of Batswana, especially the unemployed youth, through the Kitsong Centre Project.

One such beneficiary is Mr Kabo Tiro, 32, of Manyana in the Southern District. The company gave him an Internet café in March to run it on a three year contract.

The package included a porta-cabin, two computers, six computer chairs, two Mascom modems with sim cards, two printers, a fax machine and a customer chair.

He relates that the company trained him on computers and business management to equip him with the requisite skills to run an Internet café on his own.

Mr Tiro describes the initiative as the life blood of rural communities. “I provide services such as Internet, printing and typing, photocopying, event programmes and other office work. I also sell Mascom simcards and replace lost ones. The services I provide are needed on a daily basis,” he says.

Mr Tiro thanked Mascom for making his dream come true. He said he has always dreamed of running an IT-related business. He said the Mascom offer came after he completed an IT course, allowing him the opportunity to showcase what he learned and to create employment for himself in the process.

“I am now happy to say that I am self-employed. I am now able to put food on my table for family thanks to the initiative,” he says.

He however observed that being close to Gaborone affects his business as he has to compete for patrons with similar establishments in the city.

He said some customers complain of high charges which he attributes to using a modem.

The international computer driving licence holder expressed the wish to train his community on computer basics. He said that he has a partnership with Botho University that would allow his trainees to sit for further examinations with the institution.

“I want to thank Kgosi Robert Mangope for the support he gives me. He is also one of the prominent customers here. Kgosi Mangope has also encouraged me to register my company so that even after the contract lapses, I will be able to pull through on my own. My family also encourages me to be strong,” said Mr Tiro.

He encourages unemployed youth to take advantage of empowerment initiatives championed by both the government and the private sector.