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In developed countries, personal life coaches and inspirational speakers are taken seriously as corporate bodies and individuals inspire towards personal achievement.

In Botswana, motivation is still a nascent field, one taken up by young Motswana, Serowe-born Meshack Koobuse. Mountain of Prosperity is a book by Motswana author Meshack Koobuse, a student and motivational speaker.

The Aanced Diploma in Construction student at New Era College, where he has also been serving as the Student Representative Council (SRC) president, has penned Mountain of Prosperity as a book that seeks to inspire individuals towards personal achievement.

The book is divided into two parts ‘Section A’ deals with ‘attitudinal traits,’ where topics such as love, respect, cooperation, determination are discusses under in its various chapters and Section B, which deals with ‘attitudinal nuggets’ with chapters that discuss fear, respect, cooperation, determination among others.

Koobuse fuses Christian ethics into his book, with the Bible being quoted liberally, but the book still maintains a general message of inspiration that could appeal to students and professionals across the faith divide.

In fact, Koobuse lets his readers know that they are the generator, organiser, destroyer, or “GOD” of their own lives, and asks everyone to take charge of their own destiny. A forthright and easy to comprehend read, the central theme of Mountain of Prosperity is that each individual regardless of their environment has the ability to be an achiever in life.

For the author, what is foremost is a positive mindset and being personally organised, being able to match ambition with a drive to achieve those dreams. The book gives one a blueprint on how to become more organised in life, and could be commended for people aspiring to climb the corporate, business and social ladders.

Although well written, a few structural errors crop up, which would most probably exposes the need for better proof reading. The book is written in a style approachable to most readers, with local examples, but not enough citing of credible sources is done, apart from sporadic biblical quotations.

But overall, Mountain of Prosperity is a genuinely well-written book with a positive theme of one forging life goals, practically acting on achieving them, and ways to do so.

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Source : Botswana Daily News

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