Kruger Calls for Efficiency Among Councillors

| December 19, 2014 | 0 Comments

Lobatse councillors have been urged to work harmoniously to promote service delivery, growth and development of the town.

This was said by Lobatse mayor, Malebogo Kruger, during the first sitting of the town’s full council meeting. She urged councillors to remain focused to become effective and efficient in the exigency of their services so as to leave a remarkable legacy by the end of their term.

Meanwhile, town mayor lauded the councillors for their great participation during the recently held councillors’ induction workshop. She said it was insightful especially for the newly elected councillors as it equipped them with information and guidance on government policies, programmes and procedures.

Ms Kruger also said the workshop also served as a refresher for returning councillors and called them to mentor new councillors towards the right direction in their day to day deliberations.

On other issues, the town mayor also applauded them for their positive contribution following the recently rejected development preparation plan proposed projects for the district for the period of 2016-2022 which was estimated at a cost of P3 766 199 000.

However, she said after thorough consultations with relevant stakeholders some estimates for the UDP 4 projects were revised to P3 970 599 000.

Ms Kruger further called for the communities’ feedback on their performances as it could help them to improve where they have failed and intensify their efforts in all areas where they have performed well.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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