Kumakwane Residents Receive Food Hampers

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Government is determined to relief Batswana from the impact of poverty and destitution, says Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr Tshenolo Mabeo.

Mr Mabeo said government had come up with various programmes to care for the elderly, war veterans, destitute, orphans and people with disabilities. He was speaking during a handing over of a donation of food hampers to Kumakwane residents from Kgale Spar.

He said government had come up with such programmes to relief suffering among the affected members of the population, adding that about P1.8 billion was spent annually to provide this care.

However, he said the government alone could not assist all due to limited resources hence the need for individuals, companies and groups to come on board and compliment government efforts.

He commended Kgale Spar and Mr Ranti for their contributions to the Kumakwane community. He further encouraged the beneficiaries especially those able bodied to thrive to graduate from their status adding that no person should want to be helped all the time.

Mr Mabeo said the current number of people on the destitution roll was high but noted that there were those who had been left out due to some reasons. He said although it was government endeavour to assist everyone, it was not possible due to high number of people who want to be assisted.

He added that reviews were carried periodically to determine who qualifies for assistance.

Kgale Spar manager, Mr Ram Rankararaman said it was their policy to give back to the community. “Our main purpose is to give back to the community, without them there is no business,” he added. He said Spar had about 27 branches in the country and each had a role to give to the community.

For his part, Mr Kabelo Ranti, who sourced the donation, Mr Ranti said he was moved by his love for helping those in need adding that one did not need to have a lot to give. He said he approached Kgale Spar to assist him realise his dream, adding that he had already done the same in places such as Moshupa, Mmokolodi and Ramotswa.

The food hampers were for about 30 elderly residents of the village.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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