| July 13, 2016

The government of Botswana, a landlocked, semi-arid country, plans to draw water from the Atlantic Ocean along Namibia's Atlantic coast, says Namibian President Hage Geingob.

Speaking on his return here Tuesday after a two-day State visit to the neighbouring country, Geingob said Namibia and Botswana had a lot of things in common. The two countries are currently experiencing the worst drought in ages, as well as a water shortage and an electricity crisis.

"Botswana wants to draw water from our sea. Therefore, this is a project we think we must implement. The project is for the mutual benefit of both countries," he said.

The two neighbours plan to build a water pipeline which will draw water from the Atlantic Ocean. This water must then be desalinated.

Geingob also indicated that during his state visit, the Trans-Kalahari railway line project came up again during discussions. In 2014, a bilateral agreement was signed between the two governments for the development of the railway.

The idea was shelved by the government of Botswana because of a stock crisis of coal in that country. "Still, the government of Botswana is very determined and committed to work with us (on the project)," Geingob said.

During his address to a Namibia-Botswana business seminar in Gaborone before his departure from the Botswana capital Tuesday, Geingob said Namibia was committed to strengthening thriving bilateral ties with Botswana.

He also used the opportunity to invite potential investors and business personalities from Botswana to come and fully participate in the business and investment opportunities Namibia offers.

Source: Nam News Network

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