Lapcas Has Implementation Challenges – Boko

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Improvement of Land Administration, Procedures and Systems (LAPCAS) project is a good initiative that, however, has a lot of implementation challenges, Leader of Opposition, Mr Duma Boko has said.

In his response to the State-of-the-Nation Address in Parliament on November 18, Mr Boko indicated that there were no tangible benefits in terms of land registration and security of tenure as well as efficiency despite that the project was in its sixth year and a lot of money had been spent on it.

He argued that Batswana continued to lose prime land to foreigners under the watch of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP). “The land along the Okavango, Thamalakane and Chobe rivers is now dominated by foreigners,” he said.

Government, he added, had also failed to consult and engage meaningfully over wildlife management areas thus aersely affecting rural communities in such areas. He further said there were unresolved disputes in Kweneng, Kgalagadi, Gantsi and the Central Districts in relation to poor or improper consultation.

“This government is also expropriating tribal land from Batswana instead of helping them derive economic value from their land. Land is being expropriated without prompt and adequate compensation as required by the Constitution,” he said.

Again he argued that the rigidity of land zoning continued to disaantage Batswana from optimising the economic value of their land. Mr Boko also indicated that the land boards continued to frustrate Batswana with their outdated and slow allocation processes.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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