Late Collection of Certificates Causes Congestion

| January 22, 2015

The national and civil registration office in Kanye has raised a concern about parents who come to collect their children’s birth certificates only when schools are about to open.

Principal registration officer, Ms Alga Mabutho said their office experienced congestion at the beginning of the year as parents came in large numbers despite knowing well in time that such documents would be needed when schools opened.

She aised parents to collect the documents on time so that the office could serve them efficiently. She added that late last year they encountered a problem of shortage of papers for death certificates but the problem was arrested.

Only a parent or guardian can collect a birth certificate of hisher child and only someone with a legal identification could collect his or her own birth certificate.

Ms Mabutho said in an interview that registering death was essential as such certificates could be used during insurance claims, at banks and other institutions. Death registration also helps to generate statistics needed by government agencies, she added.

She said for deaths that are not certified by medical practitioners, a letter from a local authority (chiefheadman) indicating particulars of the deceased including place and date of death would be required together with a completed a Declaration of Death Form.

“Upon receipt of a report of a death, the registrar shall issue a death certificate. In the event of a late registration, a death certificate should be issued after payment has been made and the receipt of payment should be brought forward as proof of payment,” she said.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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