Letshabo Envies Industrialised Molapowabojang

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Molapowabojang senior chief representative, Kgosi Kedirile Letshabo says although he is happy with an array of developments within his village, it his wish to have industries set-up in the third populous village in the Southern District.

Located about 15 kilometres north west of Lobatse, the village boasts of just over 10 000 inhabitants and will on November 29 celebrate its centenary, Kgosi Letshabo gly feels it is worth celebrating.

Setting up industries in the village according to Kgosi Letshabo will go a long way in creating much needed employment for many of his subjects and realise economic spin-offs that come with a vibrant economy.

He says Molapowabojang’s proximity to Lobatse, which is home to Botswana Meat Commission, places it in a favourable position to have a tannery. Kgosi Letshabo said this cannot overshadow other developments and infrastructure needed in the village.

“There is a lot of infrastructure that government has put in place over the years among others schools, clinics, kgotla offices, kgotla shelter, service centre that has given the village a face-lift and many others such as the ongoing pavement of the 1.2 kilometre road from the main road to the main kgotla,” he said.

He also highlighted that the Ipelegeng programme was used to renovate and construct teachers’ houses at Pitsonyana Primary School and Chichi Junior Secondary School respectively. Kgosi Letshabo expressed concern about the status of the local clinic, adding that it does not have a maternity wing.

“It is a challenge because pregnant mothers end up giving birth at home, posing serious health risk to them, the babies and caregivers during child delivery,” he said calling on authorities to expedite upgrading of the facility especially that it caters for other surrounding settlements of Molokwe, Motlhwatse, Maisane, Maruswa, Mosamowakwena and many others.

Waywardness that comes in the form of home-brews is another area of concern that gives Kgosi Letshabo sleepless nights, but is working around the clock with the police to arrest the situation.

“I recently summoned four women to my office and warned them against the practice and that if caught to be perpetrating the same in future the law will have to take its cause,” he said.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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