Lobatse Residents Decry Proliferation of Churches

| January 27, 2015

Residents of Peleng and ThemaMotswedi have suggested that government should increase the proposed number of people needed to register a church in an effort to control the mushrooming of new churches.

They proposed this during a kgotla meeting addressed by the area Member of Parliament, Mr Sadique Kebonang.

One of the residents, Mr Nathaniel Bathai proposed that the number should be increased from the proposed 250 to 500 saying the former was easily attainable and the latter might address the problem of proliferation of churches.

He said some of the new churches deprive people their hard earned cash which at the end leaves them with nothing exposing them to destitution.

He was seconded by Ms Joyce Seleka, who is the chairperson of Urban Development Committee in Lobatse, who said the mushrooming of churches was caused by some frictions that crop up in the existing churches.

Other residents suggested that these churches religious beliefs should be reviewed and if found that they are following the same beliefs, they should be implored to merge and form one congregation.

On other issues the resident decried shortage of water in the area and the high costs of connecting to the main sewage line, skyrocketing number of destitutes in their area and the dilapidated hospital. They also said their area is hit by high unemployment rate of the youth.

In his response, Mr Kebonang implored residents to access government poverty eradication programmes to uplift their livelihoods. He urged them to access District commissioners and Member of Parliament offices to seek assistance.

He further said Botswana is experiencing acute shortage of water, with Gaborone dam running almost dry, and urged residents of Lobatse to promptly report any pipe burst in their location to save water.

He also said Lobatse and the surrounding areas required 24 million cubic metres in a day of which the corporation could not meet their demand.

He said water rationing will become a common thing and the government is working around the clock to arrest the situation as they are engaged in negotiations with other countries such as South Africa to draw water from them.

Regarding unemployment, Mr Kebonang said leather park project has been approved and said it will create 5000 job opportunities to Lobatse youth and when it is in full production. He said the tender will be awarded this year. He added that an auto centre will set up in March and will employ 600 people and a mealie meal and cornflakes company that will hire about 120 people.

When responding to the sewage line issue, he said residents are reluctant to connect to the sewage line and implored them to connect as waste contaminates underground water. He said they are charged P700 which they can pay in three months installments.

As for the hospital, he said the tender has been awarded and the project to refurbish the hospital will commence by the end of January. Mr Kebonang implored the residents to look out for activities that will turn the town into a tourism hub.

He thanked all the electorates for giving him a chance to be their member of parliament and assured them he is committed to unite and work tirelessly with other constituency leaders to take their town forward.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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