Low Programmes Uptake Worries MP

| January 21, 2015

Bobonong MP says low uptake of programmes and schemes among the youth in the Bobirwa area is a cause for concern.

Addressing a kgotla meeting in Tsetsebye and Moletemane on January 14, Mr Shaw Kgathi said youth were not utilising government schemes such as Youth Development Fund to better their lives.

He said in Tsetsebye and Moletemane, the programme uptake was low and appealed to parents to encourage their children to engage in businesses rather than idle around when programmes were tailor made to assist reduce poverty and youth unemployment.

Mr Kgathi , also the Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, said considering the fact that the unemployment rate was high at about 17 per cent, such programmes could help them venture into sustainable businesses that would ultimately help generate employment for other youths.

Regarding women, he said, the gender affairs department was decentralised to address challenges faced by women and urged the Selebi Phikwe office to roll out their programmes to women in the area. He aised the departments concerned to hold regular workshops and seminars in the area so that residents can utilise programmes to uplift themselves from poverty.

For their part residents expressed concern that this ploughing season they were faced with shortage of tractors and only few people have utilised the ISPAAD programme. Residents also complained of tractor owners who demand upfront payment as another factor that hinders them from utilising early rains.

But Mr Kgathi highlighted that tractor owners who use the ISPAAD programme should not demand extra payment and aised farmers who have paid to reclaim their money and liaise with agricultural demonstrators.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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