Magistrate grants incest accused bail

A 29 year old man of Lekgwapheng ward in Molepolole charged with defiling his own 15 year old sister was on Thursday granted bail by Molepolole chief magistrate Faith Dlamini-Ngandu after he raised issues of relatives enjoying the lease rentals of their inheritance.

When granting Baba Ramolala bail, Chief Magistrate Ms Dlamini-Ngandu noted that the accused had applied for bail in the past mentions, and that he was denied bail in consideration of the report that was presented by the social worker, saying this time he has raised a different issue of inheritance that she said was never raised by the prosecution.

The court said it considers that the accused is an orphan and a first born with seven siblings.

The magistrate said as the first born it is upon his shoulders to take care of his siblings who at the moment the accused told court that he does not know their whereabouts, while the relatives enjoy the lease rentals that are supposed to benefit the accused together with his siblings.

Ms Dlamini-Ngandu said it is for this reason that he is granted bail as he is the first born and therefore should look after his siblings and protect the inheritance left for them by their late parents.

The accused has been told to abide by the bail conditions given by the court, that he is to appear in court always when ordered to without failure, not to intimidate the complainant who the accused say stays in a place different from where he stays, not to be a suspect in any case similar to the pending case and also to enter into a bond of P1 000 payable upon breach of the bail conditions.

The accused further claimed alibi saying at the time of the incident he was at Matsuke lands.

The state prosecutor Inspector Teresa Ntusa of Molepolole Police told court that the accused was refused bail in consideration of the report of the social worker but could not dispute the issue of inheritance raised by the accused.

The rape incident is said to have happened on January 31 this year. The accused will appear before court on December 17 for mention.