Malawian Teachers Taught Botswana President Masisi

Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi was taught in school by some of Malawi’s finest educationists and teachers.

President Masisi was in the country just for about three hours for bilateral talks with the Malawi leade on Monday, March 8, 2021 and was accompanied by his Foreign Minister, Lemogang Kwape, a presidential Press Secretary, Director of Health Services and Scientific Advisor, among others.

He said: “Malawi is extremely important to Botswana. Malawi is a great partner in so many ways and the people of the two countries enjoy the mutual benefits of the bilateral relationship that the two countries have had for many years since time immemorial.”

Masisi revealed that he personally benefited from Malawi as he was taught by some of highly reputable academics.

Said President Masisi: “I was at some point taught by some Malawian finest teachers, which include Professor Felix Mnthali in English and Professor Davidi Lubadiri.”

Coincidentally, Professor Felix Mnthali also taught Malawi’s President Lazarus Chakwera.

Professor Mnthali is a Malawian academic who was born in Selukwe, Rhodesia now Shurugwi, Zimbabwe and he was educated in Lesotho and Canada.

Mnthali, a renowned poet and novelist went into political exile in 1979 after a period of detention that ended with a government apology.

His publications include; the poetry collection ‘When Sunset Comes to Sapitwa and the novel, ‘Yoranivyoto’

Professor Mnthali retired in 2010 as a professor of English at the University of Botswana where he taught the current president of Botswana for 28 years and he returned to Malawi.

President Masisi was welcomed on arrival in Malawi by State Vice President Saulos Klaus Chilima who said: “There are many things the two countries would benefit from each other.

“Malawi and Botswana must make sure to foster their relationship and to grow it stronger.”

Chilima assured the Botswana leader that the Chakwera administration will ensure to strive to having a good relationship with Botswana, which has just been rekindled through the visit.

President Chakwera on his part assured the visiting Botswana that his government will build on the two governments’ existing agreements to enhance and solidify the two countries diplomatic ties.

During the working visit, the two Southern African presidents exchanged views on bilateral and regional issues of mutual interests, including potential areas of cooperation between Botswana and Malawi.

Masisi also extended an invitation to Chakwera to visit Botswana for further discussions.

The two leaders also indicated that they discussed plans to establish resident diplomatic missions to strengthen what was described as longtime friendship and bilateral ties.

Masisi said beyond the current areas of cooperation such as tourism, mining and agriculture, Botswana, is eager to go beyond.

Source: Nyasa Times