Maluleke Challenges Entreprenuers to Embrace LED

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Council secretary for Kgalagadi Distyrict, Mr George Maluleke, has challenged business operators to rise to the occasion so that the region could reap the rewards of the Local Economic Drive (LED) programme.

He made the encouragement at a recent workshop meant for sharing ideas on how the local economy could be grown and diversified. Mr Maluleke urged attendees to consider themselves lucky because their district was one of the four chosen for the pilot project of LED, which is a concept of SADC.

He said as such they should make it a point that they reap the rewards of the programme by being committed to it and working as a unit in order for it to succeed. The council secretary pointed out that the main idea of the program is to use the resources they have in the region to revive and diversify the local economy.

He pointed out that Kgalagadi region has unique landscape such as sand dunes, the wilderness, flora and fauna, saying if taken seriously they can create permanent jobs and ultimately benefit the country.

“You should not be impediments to the success of the program, strive to beat other districts who are also piloting this project,” he said.

Mr Maluleke revealed that the good thing about LED is that it encourages the participation of private and local business people to revive their economy, adding that the Kgalagadi region has potential to do such.

For their part most of business owners hailed the idea as a good move that will help them in a long run if executed well.

For her part the owner of Springbok lodge Ms Dianah Sebina asked the authorities to make sure that they assign the personnel who are passionate about the program.

She said in most instances most programs fail because they are assigned people who are not keen to achieve desired results.

Ms Sebina told authorities that for them to see the program gaining momentum and achieving its mandate they should get rid of red tapes that normally hinders businesses to progress.

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Source : Botswana Daily News

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