Markus Appeals for Support

| January 22, 2015

Member of Parliament for Maun East, Mr Kosta Markus, has urged residents of Chanoga and Mawana villages to support their representatives in order to drive developments in their respective areas.

Speaking during kgotla meetings to thank residents for their support during elections, he said unity, cooperation and team work were keys for successful implementation of developments in their villages. Mr Markus said him and the area councillor would work as a team to develop the villages.

“We may be coming from different political parties but this time we should put our differences aside and focus on improving the lives of our electorates and through your support we would succeed in bringing developments to the constituency”, he added.

He said as the representatives, they should understand that they had been voted to represent the community’s needs and aspirations diligently hence the need to join hands and focused on their mandates. Mr Markus also urged residents to change their mindset and work towards driving developments that have been lacking in their areas.

For their part, residents raised a number of challenges in their respective villages such as high rate of crime, bad state of the road that passes through to Makalamabedi, prolonged absence of beef market due to livestock disease outbreak and the Makalamabedi buffalo fence which they said it has impoverished them.

They said the fence was not serving its purpose as it is always damaged by elephants and their cattle cross it to the farms where they end up dying because of lack of water. Residents requested the government to relocate the fence closer to their villages so that they could assist in maintenance to protect their livestock.

One of the residents from Chanoga, Mr Zemona Boeng who lost seven cattle said the fence was 4km away from the village noting that the cattle crosses it and when officials maintain it they leave them outside hence the die because of lack of water.

Another resident, Mr Motlhabane Moya said the government could reduce costs of regular maintenance of the fence by relocating it closer to the villagers as they would voluntarily assist to maintain it. He said they could leave elephants paddocks.

Residents also complained about the delay by veterinary officials to vaccinate their cattle. They said traditionally the community depended largely in the livestock industry as a livelihood but it has been years without selling their cattle. They said they followed the issue with relevant department but the answers were not satisfying. The area MP assured residents to take up their issues with relevant departments.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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