Matsha students to undergo therapy

The Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development, Mr Fidelis Molao, has assured students at Matsha College in Kang that his ministry will provide them with psychological therapy.

He addressed the students on Monday (November 16) following a road accident that claimed the lives of seven students and injured several others on November 13. Mr Molao said plans were in place to assist students cope with the loss of their schoolmates.

Losing someone, he said, could be an emotional rollercoaster that might seem to never let up, hence the need to avail psychosocial support for one to grieve and cope with the pain of losing a loved one.

Mr Molao pleaded with students at Matsha College not to despair and assured them that his ministry would strive to provide the necessary support to improve their welfare.

He called on the nation to offer support to families of the victims and refrain from pointing fingers. He said this was the time for Batswana to demonstrate the spirit of compassion

The education ministry, Mr Molao said, had a policy that prohibited transportation of students on open trucks, therefore he assured students that his ministry would together with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development address the transportation of RADS students with a view to ensure safety at all times.

He said the alternative safer modes of transport should be considered in areas where terrains would not be suitable for buses to transport students. The assistant minister appealed to students to refrain from vandalising school property as a way of expressing their unhappiness and grievances.

Government, he said, incurred a lot of costs in repairing and renovating intentionally damaged properties at schools and other government institutions. Mr Molao’s comments came after students broke staff room windows and torched some of the locker cabinets to show grief