Maun Police, Residents Enjoy Cordial Relations

| January 5, 2015

Officer Commanding Senior Superintendent Chabaesele Kesupetswe has hailed residents of Maun and surrounding villages for cooperating with the police in matters concerning their security.

He said in an interview that the police enjoyed a good working relationship with the community during the New Year as they recorded few cases.

He said residents behaved responsibly as they welcome the new season noting that was a sign of good relations amongst the people.

“I am impressed by the way residents behaved, they worked very closely with us and other local administrators and I encourage them to continue with the good work to reduce crime in the district,” he added.

Senior Superintendent Kesupetswe said there were a lot of entertainment activities outside the village and many music revelers thronged the places hence Maun was calm and quiet.

He said even at the entertainment places no incidents were reported as police were out in force throughout the festive season. Meanwhile, he said an incident of rape was reported at Boronyane ward where a 25 year-old woman was raped by an unknown man at the bus stop while waiting for a taxi.

Senior Superintendent Kesupetswe said the woman who was alone from a bar was heading home when she met her ordeal.

He said the suspect dragged her to the nearby bush where he raped her and ran away.

In another incident, a 19 year-old man was found hanging from the house rafters at Sepopa village in the Okavango sub district.

He said they suspect the deceased who stayed with his parents committed suicide. He said the deceased did not leave any message and investigations are ongoing.

Police also recorded three cases of house breaking at Boronyane, Boseja wards in Maun and Gweta village where electric appliances such as televisions, radios and cameras were stolen.

He said at Gweta, they managed to arrest one man who is currently assisting them with investigations.

He pleaded with the public to notify their neighbours when they go for holidays in order to reduce crime.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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