Mayor Kruger Advises Committee

Lobatse town Mayor, Ms Malebogo Kruger has urged Ward Development Committee (WDC) members to be custodians of their wards.

Speaking at the WDC workshop orientation recently, Ms Kruger said WDC members have huge responsibilities such as maintaining cleanliness of their town and looking after community health, which she noted as one of the major responsibilities.

She said community health which entails physical, psychological and social aspect is very important, as such requires observation and attention of the committee.

She gave an example of people with chronic diseases, adding that it is the responsibility of WDC members to report cases of such illnesses to relevant authorities for them to get proper help and treatment.

She encouraged them to organize and champion clean-up campaigns amongst themselves and be an example to the community. She commended the youth elected into committees and encouraged them to be more active and make a difference with the help of their elders.

Ms Kruger also urged the committee to guard against vandalism of government property which is rampant in the town. She advised them to put an eye on wrong doers and report such people for action to be taken against them.

She also called them to look out for children who fall victims to abuse, adding that they should report such cases to the social workers and other relevant authorities. She reminded WDC members to work hand in hand with their area councillors and maintain open communication between themselves.

She also urged the committee members to know and be part of their council and also implement all government programs put in place.

Source : BOPA