MC Maswe’s erotic dance moves earn him rebuke

| June 25, 2013

Popular mbaqanga singer MC Maswe’s provocative dance moves and his semi-nude dancers came under direct attack from the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Peter Siele yesterday during the Day of the African Child commemoration in Moroka.

The singer, who has recently taken to singing gospel, started his performance with a song from his latest single, but kept the dancing style he is synonymous with. One of his female dancers ran in front of the high table and performed an erotically suggestive dance in front of the minister. “Ndzimo wangu uno itani ngwana I woyo!  (Oh my God, what is this girl doing!),’’commented an elderly woman in Ikalanga. Although children and the youth enjoyed the performance, elderly people including minister Siele felt uncomfortable. While they were still reeling from the shockingly provocative dance, Maswe and two of his female dancers went in front and somersaulted exposing their underwears. Taking to the podium Siele took a swipe at MC Maswe’s dance style saying it is immoral to perform it in front of children. “I would not be playing my role as a parent and minister if I don’t condemn this kind of dance because it is giving these children a wrong impression,’’ said a visibly irritated minister Siele.

MC Maswe who was now feeling the heat went to his car as Siele tore him apart. Suggestive dancing coupled with its half nude dancers is for the disco hall, not for children, said Siele who got the support of parents. “Music is a form of the performing arts and it is in no way meant to send wrong messages to children,” the singer would later hit back at the minister. Asked what he thought of the minister’s attack he said: “Sexy dancing moves are on his mind, but to us it is just pure performance, nothing else.”




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