MEWT serviced Gaborone North-Molefhi

The Minister of Infrastructure Science and Technology Mr Nonofo Molefhi has told parliament that the project to carry out land servicing in Gaborone North was carried out under the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism prior to the implementation of water sector reforms project when waste water services were still under the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

Responding on behalf of the Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Mr Molefhi said the project targeted areas which did not have a centralized sewer reticulation system and were using on site sanitation.

Further, Mr Molefhi said this included the SHHA areas such as Gaborone west, Bontleng and Ginger.

He said the case of Gaborone North, only bulk lines were constructed adding that tertiary reticulation would be the responsibility of the land developers.

The minister stated that it was anticipated that the developers would also carry out the construction of water supply infrastructure to their individual plots.

Mr Molefhi said Water Utilities Corporation is only responsible for the provision of primary infrastructure such as main pipelines, pump stations and reservoirs.

He said in this case the available primary infrastructure for water connection is the Northern supply main along A1 road where some developers in Gaborone North have already connected to.

The minister said this infrastructure was developed with the full knowledge that there are no immediate sewer connections to provide flows hence the system had been provided with flush tanks which are flushed regularly and pump stations are as well operated for the same reason.

He said WUC has already made approvals for some developers to connect to the system therefore it was anticipated that it will soon be in use.

Mr Molefhi said since there is no deterioration anticipated there is no need to speculate costs.

He indicated that there are currently no plans from the ministry to assist the residents of Gaborone North other than what the government has already done by providing primary infrastructure.

He said benefits by the residents of Gaborone North can only take place if the developers design and construct tertiary reticulation to utilize the existing infrastructure.

MP for Gaborone North Mr Haskins Nkaigwa had asked the minister to state the rationale behind the sewerage infrastructure in Gaborone North farms when there is no water infrastructure in the same place.

The MP further asked what will happen to the infrastructure when it has not been utilised for a year and how much loss government will incur.

Mr Nkaigwa asked if there are plans by government to assist residents to fully connect and utilise the infrastructure