Ministry freezes new LIMID applications

North East District Council chairperson, Ms Florah Mpetsane says the Ministry of Agriculture has taken a decision to cease receiving LIMID project applications at the end of September in order to concentrate on implementation and monitoring of backlog.

Addressing the full council meeting on Monday, Ms Mpetsane said the exercise started on October 1, 2015 until March 2016.

She therefore, called on councillors to relay the message to the community.

She highlighted that the Ministry of Agriculture has also embarked on purchasing small stock as far as Letlhakane, which was already bearing fruit.

Ms Mpetsane further said it was vital that as a district they create a conducive environment for doing sustainable and profitable businesses within their locality.

Even though, creating a conducive environment for business growth does not come cheap, she said she was impressed because the district was trying by all to provide all necessary infrastructure to support investments.

“This is evidenced by the construction of market stalls in Masunga and in Ramokgwebana,” she said.

She also pointed out that the market stalls were constructed in order to assist small businesses with conducive operating spaces.

However, she indicated that the only drawback was the time taken to operationalise the stalls, hence she called upon relevant departments to act accordingly and operationalise the stalls within a short period of time.

Furthermore, Ms Mpetsane also encouraged small business operators to always keep their places of operation attractive to customers.

“It has been observed that some of the operating spaces or stalls used by our small business operators are not in good condition and not well arranged,” she stated.

She added that there is need for face lifting of informal sectors stalls or shades so that they are in an acceptable standard of cleanliness and accessibility.

She also stated that North East district is a growing district therefore as leadership they need to see it that the developments and practices of today will not jeopardise the future developments in the district.

The principal district officer-development, Mr Onkokame Mafoko, when giving the District Development Committee report, he stated that there were too many complaints due to applications taking low to be attended to.

He also stated that project monitoring has not been done due to limited transport caused by the on-going LIMID application processing and purchases.

For his part, Councillor Bakani Badziili of Siviya complained about the relationship between LIMID officers and the community.

He stated that some farmers were given their money very late after purchasing goats from them and that is why nowadays some refuse to sell them goats