Ministry Secures Bedding for Scottish Livingstone Hospital

| January 20, 2015

Shortage of bedding will be a thing of the past at Scottish Livingstone Memorial Hospital after the Ministry of Health sourced P3 million to buy blankets and sheets for the hospital.

The new development is expected to address a long standing problem between the hospital and the community. Residents complained that the situation forced them to provide blankets for patients admitted at the hospital something which was somewhat erroneous and putting lives of patients at risk.

This was revealed by MP for Molepolole North Mr Mohammed Khan in a Kgotla meeting at Suping last week. Mr Khan told residents of Suping that this was a huge step in the right direction for government to have been able to respond positively as a matter of urgency to resolve this matter during his early days in office.

He further informed residents that the assistant minister of Health is expected to tour the facility next week to address problems facing the hospital. Issues of maladministration, shortage of water, laundry and some sections that are not operating efficiently such as the cardiac unit will be addressed during the minister’ s visit.

He however expressed concern over government initiatives which he said are not rolled out fairly among beneficiaries. He said poverty eradication programmes were among those that are clouded by corrupt practices by officers.

Furthermore, he said parents neglect their responsibility towards education of their children. He stated that education was key in building the future of their children. For their part, residents told the MP that there is shortage of water in their village saying there cannot be proper developments if there is no water and proper roads.

They demanded that government should consider reducing the cost of electricity connection explaining that currently, Botswana Power Corporation demand that for them to be connected to the national grid, they should form groups of 20 and contribute P15 000 each.

Youth demanded that there be allocated land so that they too can benefit from various government programmes as land is priority in order to qualify for funds for various projects such as youth grants.

Source : bOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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