Misa Botswana Organises Election Reporting Workshops [press release]

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The Botswana workshops on Elections Reporting took place on the 15 to 16 and 18 to 19 September in Gaborone and Francistown respectively, facilitated by veteran journalist and MISA Mozambique Chairperson, Mr Fernando Goncalves Andre. Mr Ellard Manjawara, a Communications lecturer at the

University of Malawi also presented on ethical considerations, monitoring and covering elections.

Journalists welcomed the training and Onalenna Kelebeile of Mmegi newspaper said she was happy to be a part of it. “As reporters the use of wrong language in reporting elections may and can incite violence, so we must refrain from it” she said. She highlighted this after learning about the ethical conduct of covering elections.

One male journalist, Letsweletse Tshukudu, agreed with the facilitator that it was vital for political parties to reveal the sources of their funding so that people would know the parties did not receive funding from criminal activities. Bakang Segokgo of Botswana Press Agency also said reporters should be involved in every phase so their reporting is not impartial or unbalanced.

Journalists also learnt about ethical conduct during the coverage of elections. In some of the recommendations, journalists lamented that it was high time they should have a local code of conduct for covering elections in place.

The main aim of the workshops was to educate journalists on the different phases or during elections, and the role of journalists during these phases. Journalists were taken through the institutional context of elections in Botswana during the pre-election, election and post-election phases. The Independent Electoral Commission representative Mr Osupile Maroba, was instrumental during this session.

Fifty six journalists from around the country participated in the two workshops.

Source : Media Institute of Southern Africa

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