Modisar to Revolutionise Farming

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In a move aimed at enabling farmers to manage livestock and other farm facilities, the Botswana Innovation Hub has launched Modisar software.

Speaking at the launch of Modisar on November 27, the co-founder, also the innovator Mr Thuto Gaotingwe said the goal of Modisar as a Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) software was to assist livestock producers by allowing them to keep accurate records and automated continuous monitoring of their farm animals.

Mr Gaotingwe said the application was designed to stimulate development of the livestock industry in Botswana and cultivate interest in livestock farming among younger generations by associating modern technologies with the nation’s passion for farming.

“Modisar aims to ensure the continuity and sustainability of the livestock sector, a major contributor to the Gross Domestic Product in Botswana,” he said. For his part, Mr Tebogo Dichabeng who is also the co-founder and a farmer stated that as a farmer, one needed Modisar.

He said they were focusing on knowledgebase and encouraging the youth in venturing in farming business. In an interview with the chief communications and investor relations officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, Ms Baitshepi Babusi-Hill said they saw Modisar as a good development.

“The initiative is in line with our objective and that we are committing ourselves in supporting it,” she said. The objectives of Modisar are to build the best livestock farm management application, build the best livestock farming notification system and offer the best livestock management service through technology.

It is part of a technology entrepreneurship development programme within the Botswana Innovation Hub to support entrepreneurship and innovation through technology transfer.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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