Molale Implores Planners to Fast Track Programme

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Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Mr Eric Molale, has implored planners to fast track the poverty eradication programme.

Closing the poverty eradication workshop for planners in Palapye on November 27, Mr Molale said the country was left with three years to eradicate poverty as such planners should ensure that beneficiaries did not take a longer time to receive poverty eradication packages.

He said it was worrisome that beneficiaries got trained and took a longer time to receive packages, adding “if they wait for a package for a long time, it is no longer poverty eradication.”

He said for poverty eradication to be a success, planners should improve on the turn-around time for a beneficiary to receive a package and create an enabling environment for citizens to access programmes.

He said planners had ample resources at their disposal including the human resource citing intern graduates and NGOs, which they could use to reach out to the poor.

Furthermore, he said planners should work together to move the household poverty incidence from 10.8 per cent to at least four per cent, adding that there were parts of the country that were highly affected by poverty citing Nkgwaketse, Central, Kweneng, Kgalagadi and Ngamiland.

Mr Molale also called for mindset change towards poverty eradication so that planners could have an understanding of what poverty eradication was and avoid contradicting one another during implementation.

The minister said the village leadership village extension teams and village development committees should be involved and regularly interact with one another to help their respective communities.

On the other hand he said district extension committees should be hands on in this programme as such planners should ensure that they kept score cards for the village s under their jurisdiction in order to have information on programmes in those villages and their success rate.

Poverty eradication, he said, was a people centred approach development programme, which was aimed at improving the lives of communities as such it was the first stage in changing people’s lives for the better.

The second stage, he said, was local economic development to make linkages of how various activities and programmes combine to make a local economy thrive, adding that within this approach poverty eradication became a reality.

For his part, the poverty eradication coordinator, Dr John Mothibi raised concern over management of data across the districts. He said districts needed a cadre of people dealing with specifically data management, which will help inform the relevant people who the poor were and who were stepping out of poverty.

He also urgedplanners to know their targets and take people out of poverty holistically. He said the chronically poor were hiding somewhere and would not come to government offices to ask for help therefore it is the responsibility of planners to identify such people and help them.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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