Molao Explains Difference in Land Allocation

| January 16, 2015

Shashe West MP, Mr Fidelis Molao, has informed residents of Nshakashogwe that allocation of land in villages is different from towns in the sense that in the latter, land is serviced before it could be allocated.

He said this during a kgotla meeting on January 12 in Nshakashogwe, explaining that it was also for that reason that land boards in villages were ahead in allocation of land as compared to allocation in towns where there is long waiting lists for plots.

Mr Molao further noted that unlike Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) and Water Utilities Corporation (WUC), land boards did not need much to allocate plots, while for the two corporations, they needed a budget for the layouts and distribution of such services.

He highlighted that although there might be delays in the distribution of such services, government had plans to distribute water and electricity to other 100 villages just like in the first phase, which ended at Matsitama.

Mr Molao was responding to concerns raised by the residents regarding the plots, which were allocated in 2006 and most of them have not been developed as a result of shortage of water.

A resident, Mr Godfrey Makobo noted that their village is growing and for many plots, which were long allocated, there are still no developments and for those who managed to connect water to set up structures, they are now unable to connect electricity.

He lamented that their efforts to connect electricity in their homes is stalled by high BPC charges, citing that since there are no transformers at their locations, they are charged as much as P210 000 for a single connection.

Mr Makobo therefore appealed to government that at least land should be allocated after it has been serviced so that people can easily develop their plots on stipulated time frames of five years.

On other issues, the residents requested for a resident social worker because they are currently serviced by one they share with two other villages of Marobela and Sebina. They said as such, most of their projects and assessment for programmes is far behind schedule since they are unable to get assistance on time.

In his response, Mr Molao said shortage of workforce result in situations that an officer is forced to serve more than one village, adding that shortage of resources also has an impact on service delivery. He however said they will look into the issue and see how best they can be serviced.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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