Molapowabojang Post Office Epitome of Self-Help

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The Molapowabojang Post Office is a testimony of what people, working together towards a common end, with the spirit of humble service can achieve.

According to Molapowabojang East VDC chairperson, Ms Thapelo Thale, the idea started with a small one roomed house by the main kgotla where residents used to enjoy postal services. She said the village leadership engaged a VDC volunteer to provide the services to the residents in the absence of a proper post office in the village at the time.

“Although we sold some items like stamps, received and posted mail, the idea was so much to provide service rather than making profits to save people the expenses of having to travel every day to Kanye or Lobatse for the same, “she said.

Ms Thale explained that it was easy for them to serve the community because Botswana Post provided them transport. Like practical dreamers, although they had some challenges, she said they did not quit.

“Since we had a plot we took aantage of the Ipelegeng programme to build a proper shelter in 2008 and approached Botswana Post to provide their services in the structure,” she said.

This initiative has also come in handy for Ipelegeng workers who used to be paid with cheques and thus had to travel to Lobatse to process them.

She said the workers can now conveniently claim their dues at the post office.

Just like a tree planted over the river, the building now confirms what the cooperative efforts of people can conceive and achieve, armed with nothing but a burning desire.

The youthful chairperson was happy to share that the idea has killed them two birds with one stone. ”

We now have a five year contract with Botswana Post in which we enjoy a rental of P1.200 per month while they also provide all the postal services to us,” she giggled.

The initiative has not only given the village a facelift but has afforded the VDC a substantial financial independence too.

Ms Thale whose term in office is due to lapse April next year, shared that they are now using part of the proceeds to renovate Maruswe and Motlhwase health posts without having to rely solely on government assistance.

The soft spoken Thale added that they are now planning to electrify the other five houses they have in the village with a view to make them more habitable and possibly attract better rentals in future.

Meanwhile, some VDCs around the country which are grappling with tenants who default paying their monthly dues can take a leaf from Ms Thale.

She said the occupation of their houses begins with a binding lease agreement for a specified period as determined by VDC and the applicant.

The firm Thale who has undeniably provided a fresh vision to the VDC said the contract includes the rental amount and when it should be paid adding failure to keep in with the agreement could render the defaulter suddenly homeless.

“We have an agreement with our tenants to have all the rentals paid before the end of every month otherwise we show a defaulter the door unless they have a valid reason not to pay,” she snarled.

Since they work with people from different walks of life, Ms Thale has aised VDC members across the country to be impartial in order for them to appear to be fair before the eyes of members of the community. She has also warned members to separate personal business from work and avoid trying to please everyone.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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