Moletemane Clinic Overwhelmed – Kgosi

| January 20, 2015

Kgosi Boitumelo Garegage of Moletemane in Bobonong constituency has requested for the upgrading of the Moletemane clinic to cater for the overwhelming number of patients who seek services at the facility.

The clinic, Kgosi Garegage said, was manned by two nurses, hence his plea for additional staff. He said the number of patients visiting the facility got higher during the dispensation of Anti-Retroviral (ARVs) drugs.

He was speaking during a kgotla meeting addressed by Bobonong MP, Mr Shaw Kgathi in Moletemane recently. He said the facility had been operating without an ambulance.

Also, Kgosi Garegae said ISPAAD tractors were benefiting Tsetsebye farmers only. He further raised a concern about the village status quo of being between two constituencies of Bobonong and LeralaMaunatlala.

He said though they were serviced by Maunatlala Sub-land Board, they were getting a raw deal saying the land authority had failed to allocate plots in the last six months. He suggested that land allocation in their area should be assigned the sub-land board, which would be better placed to address their issues.

Addressing the village concerns, Mr Kgathi also Minister of Defence Justice and Security, said it was entirely upon public officers to ensure that they implemented government programmes.

He said it was a concern that the issue of ISPAAD tractors not ploughing for Moletemane farmers should had been long solved, although the village was 21km away from Tsetsebye, which was a service centre. Mr Kgathi said some of the officers were not committed to work and their laxity was at the detriment of people who were supposed to benefit from.

Mr Kgathi also appealed to the residents to take education of their children seriously, saying that there was quality in the pass rate of PSLE results, but was concerned that poor results were experienced at junior secondary schools.

He said last year, there were 148 school drop outs in the area, with 12 pupils dropping out of primary, 18 from junior while 118 dropped from Matshekge senior school due to pregnancy.

The MP also said it was worrying that youth in the area were not taking aantage of government to schemes to improve their lives.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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