Monarch committee appeals for funds

| September 6, 2015

The committee heading re-construction of leobo at Monarch kgotla is still in dire needs of funds to finish the project.

The kgotla was gutted by fire on the night of April 1 this year, and on April 7, a meeting was convened by Monarch Customary Court president, Kgosi Gunny Moses where a board committee was elected to oversee the fund raising initiative to rebuild leobo structure.

In an interview, Kgosi Moses noted that the fundraising initiative to re-build the kgotla structure led by him, his deputy, Ward Development Committee (WDC) members and the community at large was moving at a snail pace.

“We have written numerous letters to different local companies to assist in our endeavour, but none of the companies have responded thus far,” he said.

He explained that the fund-raising idea was that members of the Monarch locality would contribute P50, while the fund raising committee was required to part with P100 to make the fund-raising initiative successful.

Sadly, he said the public was not forth-coming with the donations required to raise and roof the kgotla structure.

“The estimated cost for the whole project including contractors fee, installing electricity and their related appliances and purchasing of WDC chairs and tables destroyed by the fire will cost an estimated P300 000, but our the fund-raising account at FNB only has less than P40 000 today,” he said.

Kgosi Moses further said the intention was for the leobo construction to start on the beginning of September, and for the contractor to hand over the finished structure before Independence Day celebrations.

He further mentioned that the fund raising committee hosted monthly lunch to raise funds and that three were held thus far, the last one being on August 27.

Kgosi Moses took a swipe at the Monarch leadership of area councilors, church leaders and the Monarch business community for not taking part in their initiative to re-build the Kgotla structure.

“They are not attending our meetings nor contributing any finances to this project and it’s disheartening. If our intention to build this Kgotla leobo on our own fails, we will resort to requesting government to help but that will be degrading to this community also as we will be derailing from the motto of ‘Ipelegeng’ which Batswana have long been advocating for. Relying on government for everything is not good and the future generation learns nothing from that,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kgosi Gunny Moses commended some farmers around the Panda Quarry area for always heeding their call, noting that they were always prompt to respond to their requests. He said for the new Kgotla leobo, tiles would be used instead of thatching.

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