Moremi Suggests Changes On Policy

| January 16, 2015

The MP for Maun West, Mr Tawana Moremi, says government Special Economic Zones Policy, which aims to create geographic economic areas, should incorporate various ideas based on the uniqueness of the districts.

MP Moremi was speaking at a kgotla meeting in Maun on January 13 saying the policy fell short as it aocated for same ideas across the districts. However, MP Moremi said in the Ngamiland area, it would be befitting if the policy focused on agriculture since Ngamiland people had abundance of land.

He also said President Lt Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama in his State-of-the-Nation Address of November 2014 highlighted issues of agricultural renewal, land and economic empowerment of the locals.

MP Tawana therefore said that called for the people of Ngamiland to revive agriculture to benefit from their lands. He said he was aware that some people in the Ngamiland were losing their plots at the hands of corrupt individuals, which he said was disheartening. Mr Tawana aised the people of Ngamiland that their land was a birth right that no one should take away from them.

He said even the Constitution of Botswana stated that no individual or tribe should be claimed of their land. The MP also pointed that it was their duty as people’s representatives to ensure that the government of the day carried out its promises to the people.

On another note, MP Tawana said researchers said that the Ngamiland region has a potential to be a mining hub in Southern Africa.

As such, he implored the people of Ngamiland, especially the youth not to despair due to the poverty in their region and to refrain from corrupt deeds as there was hope for employment creation in the future.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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