Mosanako Welds for Living

| April 8, 2016

By Mphoentle Gopadile

Moshupa - Some young people continue to venture into business.

These enterprising youth end up creating jobs for other young people.

Mr Oitshephile Mosanako of Gamatsila ward in Moshupa is one such young person.

The 32 year-old started his home-based welding business in 2006.

"I started developing passion for welding at a young age.

My uncle introduced me to this industry just after completing my junior certificate. What started as a passion is putting food on my table," he said.

The self-made entrepreneur has no qualification in welding, but relied on skills he acquired over the years.

He specialises in making tuckshop structures, burglar bars, bull racks, and cattle branding apparatuses, among other products.

Although he appreciated the importance of advertising, Mr Mosanako depended largely on word of mouth to market his business.

He cited late payments by some customers as the primary challenge faced by his business.

He dreams of expanding his business beyond Moshupa someday and he was thankful of the support he got from both government and his community.

Source: All Africa

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