Mosojane Calls for Respect in Relationships

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Partners have been encouraged to respect each other as this will reduce the number of gender-based violence cases.

Speaking at an event to mark 16 days of activism against gender violence at Tonota Customary Court on November 26, former president of Tati-town Customary Court, Ms Ludo Mosojane cited lack of respect as the root cause of domestic violence.

She said some men undermined women in some areas of life, adding that it had been instilled in people that women could pursue only certain kinds of careers as others were regarded as a male domain.

Ms Mosojane said there were women who in turn tended to disrespect their male counterparts if they did not have stable jobs. Ms Mosojane saidt the theme focused more on women as they are vulnerable while they form an integral part of society.

“A home is not complete without a woman and we all know that a human being comes from a woman’s womb,” she said. She mentioned power dynamics, which usually prevail in domestic set-ups, citing men who usually want to appear as people who have potential for emotional, physical or even sexual abuse.

Ms Mosojane said that the traditional view of ‘lonyalo lo a itshokelwa’, which implies that people should put up with whatever comes with marriage, should be a thing of the past because staying in an unhealthy marriage not only affects the couple in question, but the children as well.

She cited alcohol abuse, poverty and infidelity as some of the causes of gender based violence. One of the survivors of gender based violence, Ms Mpho Phuthego spoke about how her marriage, which produced two children, failed dismally because of violence.

She said the relationship was unhealthy from the very beginning and her family was not supportive of it. Ms Phuthego said because of her love for the man, she hoped he would eventually become a better person, thus got married to him.

“My marriage marked the beginning of the road to hell as the abuse got worse. It was mostly physical and emotional abuse, whereby I would find myself being humiliated in front of people,” she said sadly.

She said she put up with the abuse as she was determined to make her marriage work and it was only after she was beaten up by her husband to a point of near-death that she reported the matter to the authorities and her husband was jailed for seven years.

Ms Phuthego said it was after she was free from the marriage that she regained self-control and confidence. She urged other married women who may be facing the same predicament to speak up as keeping quiet could eventually lead to someone getting killed.

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Source : Botswana Daily News

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