Mother hires gunmen to kill daughter

A stunned magistrate court in Gaborone heard on Monday how a Gabane mother hired a gunman to eliminate her own daughter.

And much to the disappointment of the daughter, her mother had nothing to say in defence after the prosecution had rested its case at Broadhurst magistrate court. “I wish to remain silent,” said the mother, Motlalepula Monareng, 53, when the court clerk asked if she wished to give evidence.

The hired gunman, Benny Modisane, shocked the court when he described Motlalepula as an angry woman hell-bent on getting rid of her daughter Dolly, 32, once and for all.

“When I suggested we use a chemical to kill Dolly, she snubbed the idea and insisted she wanted something that would do the job fast,” testified Modisane, adding, “She was very happy the next day when we showed her the gun and bullets that we would use to do the job.”

Another witness, Inspector Zachariah Babusi – who worked undercover for the Serious Crime Squad – told the court that in December 2011, Motlalepula offered to pay them P15 000 with a down payment of P4 000 to kill Dolly, her married boyfriend, their child and to make it look like the boyfriend’s wife did it.

Throughout the court session, Motlalepula’s heavily made-up face remained stone cold and she barely looked at her daughter.Outside court Dolly, who had hung onto every word as each witness called by the prosecution testified, told The Midweek Sun: “I came here today really hoping to hear in her own words why and how my own mother would hate me so much to want me dead! I am disappointed.”
Judgement is set for 18th March.