Mphahudi Urges SDC Employees to Be Innovative

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Southern District Council (SDC) employees have been aised not to allow shortage of resources to dampen their spirits.

Speaking during the Kanye Administration Authority’ second annual awards ceremony in Kanye recently, Mr Oduetse Mphahudi called the employees to be innovative and strive to achieve more with the little resources at their disposal.

Mr Mphahudi, head of centre for leadership development at the Public Service College, also aised the employees to share the resources they had with council outstations in order to make the most of what they had.

However, he said they could only achieve that if they had botho, a social fabric and lubricating oil of organisations that could allow them to harness their skills and work together towards a common end.

He commended the prize winners for their hard work and commitment and aised them to appreciate the cooperative efforts of the team members behind them who had enabled them to discharge their duties enough to be recognised.

For his part, SDC secretary, Mr Mompati Seleka said it was important for organisations to reward star performers. He explained that the awards were intended to appreciate the employees who had excelled to urge them on and motivate others to do likewise.

He applauded the Botswana civil service for having contributed immensely to the country’ success story, saying the economy still relied on the civil service hence critical to recognise good performance.

Mr Seleka however stressed that they would only recognise employees who discharged their duties with an agreeable spirit of humble service and BOTHO.

“Otherwise, it would be a serious misrepresentation of this Council and very remiss of us to recognise officers who struggle to treat our customers with dignity and respect,” he snarled.

He also warned SDC employees to adhere to service standards adding that timely service delivery with reduced transactions between organisations could lure investors to the district.

Meanwhile, Ms Sinah Setuke walked away with the overall best performer award plus a P 700 worth of voucher followed by Ms Chawada Koti with P500 and Ms Lilian Moepjwa with P350 respectively.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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