MVA fund donates to Rising Stars

In pursuit of improving the level of awareness on traffic safety matters amongst the youth, Motor Vehicle Fund (MVA Fund) donated volleyball and football kits to Rising Stars Sporting Club formed by youth in Tsabong.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony themed: Ipabalelo tseleng ke boikarabelo jwame ke le monana,” a representative from MVA Fund Cecil Mosojane said they value partnerships as they believe concerted efforts were needed to ensure road safety.

“The rate of accidents can be brought down through meaningful participation by various stakeholders and since youth are highly represented in road accidents MVA Fund found it fit to partner with Rising Stars Sporting Club,” said Mosojane.

Mosojane said sports keep youth focused and out of trouble and that gave the organisation he represent the confidence to make Rising Stars members road safety ambassadors in Tsabong and surrounding areas.

Giving a highlight on accident statistics for No. 9 District policing area, Inspector Thembani Tulu said as from January 2015 till present there has been a total of 198 accidents.

She said 140 accidents involved youths while 58 involved adults

Inspector Tulu said they recorded seven deaths of which out of that number six youths lost their lives.

She said they also recorded eight fatalities, 18 serious injuries and eight minor injuries.

Inspector Tulu explained that most common causes of accidents involved driver error of which they recorded 101 cases, mechanical fault was 10, outside interference was 71, adverse road conditions was nine, pedestrian misconduct five and passenger’s fault they recorded two.

On another note, the Department of Road Transport and Safety’s (DRTS) station manager, Lyon Nthebolang encouraged Rising Stars club to share the message of the day with other youth in the area.

He said DRTS exists to ensure safer road usage of which the youth could learn something from and help in the fight against road tragedies that continue to impose a huge economic burden.

Nthebolang encouraged the club to have a daily management plan to allow for proper preparations and time management especially in instances where they have to travel.

He said discipline should always lead the way of any association and that was essential to fight alcohol abuse and other habits such as excitement which may lead to road accidents.

Giving a vote of thanks, Rising Stars team manager, Topoyame Makgatshwane said his team has been given a boost and that it was enough motivation for the team to perform better.

Makgatshwane said the kit would go a long way in giving the players a sense of team spirit and pride as well as extra confidence when they get on the pitch.

“Rising Stars is really honoured to be road safety ambassadors in the area, and that is surely a good initiative to grooming responsible young citizens,” said Makgatshwane.