MYSC to Resuscitate Scout, Girl Guide Movement (

| September 14, 2015

The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture (MYSC) has resolved to resuscitate both the Boys Scout and Girl Guide movements across the country. The movements imparts life skills and foster moral high ground among young people.

That could prove a necessary clamp-down on pockets of waywardness amongst some youth whose behaviour is uninspiring.

Put in juxtapose to the respect Boys Scout and Girl Guide commanded amongst the youth of the 80’s and 90’s, it would be an understatement to say the two movements’ popularity amongst contemporary youth had gone out the window.

Who can dispute the youthful exuberance of being a Boy Scout or Girl Guide and the moral uprightness and sense of responsibility that the two instilled in the youth of yesteryears many of whom are riding high in their various persuasions in life.

To get the ball rolling, the ministry earlier this year called on all Girl Guides and Scout Clubs to register at their district offices countrywide to establish the number of active ones and members across the country.

The invitation was open to both school clubs and out of school clubs.

Fast forward to now, the ministry has given a number of both school and out of school Boy Scout and Girl Guide clubs a shot in the arm, and has been pivotal in facilitating mobilisation of youth for life skills training and behaviour change activities.

The permanent secretary in the ministry, Mr Ntabeni Malikongwa said during the World Thinking Day celebrations in Gaborone that this year, Girl Guides and scouts were important growth paths for young girls and boys.

“The young people are an indisputable sector that should be recognised, their energy, creativity and flexibility offer an indispensable resource that could be tapped into,” he said.

He described Girl Guides as a character building initiative which was in line with the ministry’s mandate of equipping young people with life skills, to encourage positive behaviour change and character building.

Botswana Scout Association’s chief commissioner, Mr Morgan Letsholathebe said social values attached to the scout movements were beyond reproach.

The character building purpose of the movement, he said, was hinged upon the scout promise and scout law both of which encourage good behaviour and benevolence and patriotism.

“A scout is to be trusted, loyal, friendly and considerate at all times,” he says.

Mr Letsholathebe has commended the initiative to bolster scouts, saying it would go a long way in the promotion of social values among the youth.

He said the ministry has already has given some out-of-school scout clubs musical instruments in some parts of the country, and that many more would be reached soon.

Mr Letsholathebe said BSA’s vision was to create a better Botswana where young people live and were productive. It is now up to boys and girls to take advantage of the noble gesture by MYSC, join these associations and go into the country’s annals as true champions of positive change.

Source : BOPA

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