Ngandwe Realises Dream [opinion]

It is a dream comes true for a young Motswana graduate of Business Management, when she was chosen by Mascom to run Kitsong Centre in Mosetse.

Ms Babusi Ngandwe, aged 29 years, has been looking forward to become an entrepreneur and employer.

In an interview with BOPA recently on how she managed to achieve her dream, Ms Ngandwe who graduated from GIPS College said, last year when she visited Moetse Kgotla she heard that Mascom was giving out an opportunity to graduates to manage the Kitsong centre.

Without wasting time, she said she filled the forms and submitted them and it was in January this year, when she was selected amongst the three candidates who attended a seminar in Gaborone.

She noted that they were taught computer skills as most of the services provided in the Kitsong centre are computer related and the art of being better entrepreneurs.

The seminar also gave participants an opportunity to visit Kitsong centres to see how other people operate them. At the end of the seminar, one person was chosen to manage the centre looking at their performance and participation throughout the workshop. She was given an award while the other two received certificates of attendance.

Ms Ngandwe said that she received two computers, photocopier and a fax machine. Her services include photocopying, scanning, laminating, selling Mascom sim cards and airtime, sim card replacement, myZaka registration, mobile charging, internet, printing and faxing. She also assists people with company registration.

She said operating the Kitsong Centre has helped her a lot as she used to travel to Dukwi to type and print her customer’s business proposals.

Ms Ngandwe noted that her life has changed for the better as she is able to assist her parents with household expenses. Her main customers are schools who visit frequently to photocopy exam papers and individuals who photocopy their identity documents and laminate photos.

A lot of people in Mosetse are still not familiar with her services but she is hopeful that in future they will be able to utilise the centre fully. She plans to buy a camera to use during prize giving ceremonies and shoot videos around the village.

During weddings and other special occasions, she said that she has observed that people in Mosetse need those services and rely on studios in Dukwi. She also plans to provide computer lessons so that more people in the village can be computer literate.

“For as long as I have my hands and mind I will keep implementing new ideas for my business and putting food on the table”, she said. She lives by the motto “nothing is impossible as long as you believe in yourself and in your dreams.”

She said that the rate of unemployment is very high in the country and people should stop relying on the government to create jobs for them but rather become entrepreneurs so they could create jobs for others.

She said that most tertiary schools include entrepreneurship skills in their syllabus and graduates should utilise that to start their own businesses.

Source : BOPA