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No Advantage for Homeside Tanian

Tanian Volleyball Club coach Mokuedi ‘Stone’ Mekgwe is of strong conviction that his side will play an improved volleyball in the second round of the Mascom Volleyball League despite the persistent poor run at home.

During the last games of the first round of the Mascom sponsored league hapless Tanian lost 3-0 to rampant and merciless Diphatsa led by aggressive captain Nlebesi Mpapho.

Clad in their red and white regalia, Tanian were then devoured 3-1 by lukewarm Mag Stimela at Serowe College of Education gallery, on Saturday, July 11 in a race for northern supremacy.

The three northern sides met to wrap up the men’s first round.

Notwithstanding their predictably heavy losses, coach Mekgwe is upbeat that his charges will compete in the second round after registering three players to bolster his thin squad. Though he could not name his latest acquisition the three new faces comprise two senior school players and a campaigner from Mag Stimela.

In a post-match interview Coach Mekgwe pointed to shortage of ammunition to destroy opponents as one of the factors that led his team start on a bad footing and consequently throw away points. Another factor is that the team does duty with only one setter, the coach revealed.

“When he tires the whole foundation of the team collapses because he is the pillar,” the coach said of his setter.

At one point Tanian played with only six men allowed in the pitch and had to endure the wrath of the well-equipped opponents. In their encounter against Diphatsa’ Mekgwe’s boys looked out of all sorts and gave away soft points to the Francistown side. Frustration was written all over the mostly school boys side which compelled Mekgwe to spend the better part of the game standing on the side lines, shouting instructions and urging them on.

In the first set Diphatsa who despite being dumped by their then sweetheart Botswana Defence Force clobbered Tanian 25-17 before further humiliating the home boys 25-9.

In the last set the maroon and white Francistowners tore the Serowe lads to a 25-12.

In a closely contested game against Mahalapye’s Mag Stimela, both sides showed little or no fear for each other. Mag Stimela put the first two sets into their points cart by 25-19 and 25-21 respectively.

However, the inexperienced Tanian came into the third set a spirited force determined to put a halt into the train that was already set in motion.

Tanian overpowered the Botswana Railways backed side by 25-23 but then degenerated into their losing tag by 25-22 and therefore losing the match 3-1.

In the last game Diphatsa showed the might and venom of a black mamba against Mag Stimela when they edged them by 3-1 score line. At times Pastor Rababonye and his charges would mount a reinforced brick wall to thwart any efforts of scoring by the railways boys. In the most part Diphatsa benefited from their aggression dressed with sheer brutality in their attack over the blue and white train boys.

However, the Botswana Railways sponsored soldiers were not a pushover as they managed a single third set to set their dreams in motion despite being overpowered in the fourth set. Diphatsa won the first set 25-15, the second 25-21 before losing the third by 22-25 and went on to avenge by 25-11.

Source : BOPA