No Plans to Upgrade Taung Customary Court


The Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development says there are no plans to upgradeextend Taung Customary Court to address the acute shortage of office space due to budgetary constraints.

Responding to a question in Parliament, Mr Frans Van Der Westhuizen, said he was also aware that five court clerks were sharing one office, which was used as a reception and consultation room.

The assistant minister said however that his ministry would continue to explore alternative options such as Ipelegeng that could be used to upgrade or extend Taung customary court.

Mr Van Der Westhuizen was responding to Gaborone Central MP, Dr Phenyo Butale who had asked the minister whether there were any plans to upgradeextend the Taung Customary court to address the current acute shortage of office space.

Dr Butale had further asked the minister if he was aware that five court clerks at Taung Customary Court were crowded in one office that was also used as a reception and consultation room thereby jeorpadising the confidentiality of clients.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News