No sufficient funds to fill positions

The middle management existing in brigades was created by the takeover of the brigades by the government, which took place between 2009 and 2011.

Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development, Mr Fidellis Molao said in the process of the takeover, his ministry did not have sufficient posts to absorb all staff that came into the government establishment.

“My ministry was able to fill the following management position to date, principals, deputy principals and head of departments. We are still to fill the remaining level, which is that of senior lecturer 1 at D4 scale to complete brigades management teams,” he said.

Mr Molao said currently the ministry does not have sufficient funds to create positions which are estimated to be over 300, adding that requests have been made to DPSM.

Furthermore, he said the ministry remains hopeful that they would have all positions that according to the scheme of service were supposed to be in place for third level.

He said currently his ministry does not have any officer in the caretaker position, but that they have had about 310 officers that have acted in caretaker positions in brigades since takeover as a temporary measure to close the management gap while acquiring management posts.

He further said most of the officers were engaged in 2009 from the commencement of the government takeover of brigades to July 2015.

“The ministry has so far appointed 24 principals, 24 deputy principals, including 13 head of satellites and 38 heads of departments this year,” he said.

Mr Molao further said because posts available were limited to 39 only, not all caretakers could be promoted, but that the ministry was accelerating progression of performing lectures to senior lectures II to also beef up management of the brigades and to close management gaps.

Presently, he said, the ministry has no officers operating in caretaking capacities. He, however, said preparations were ongoing to remunerate those that acted in the caretaker capacities since 2009.

“We hope to have assessed all 350 caretakers files by November 30, 2015 and submit to the Ministry of Finance for payment. It is a vast exercise that needs due care and precision, and nevertheless, we will overcome it,” he said.

The Member of Parliament for Boteti East, Mr Sethomo Lelatisitswe had wanted to know if the minister was aware that many brigades in Botswana do not have fully fledged management teams.

He also wanted to know which are these brigades, how many officers are engaged as caretakers and how long they have they been engaged.

He also wanted to know if the minister does not find a need to confirm these caretakers; if so, when and why the officers were engaged on these posts (caretakers) without remuneration.