NWDC Intends to House Orphans

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North West District Council (NWDC) will continue to support orphans and children in need of care to ensure they live healthy lives.

Speaking on behalf of the council secretary, Mr Kagiso Seroke said they were aware of challenges faced by orphans in the district and efforts were being made to meet their aspirations and ensure they lived dignified lives.

Mr Seroke was speaking at the eighth Cohort graduation ceremony held by Ark amp Mark Trust which is an intensive, emotionally healing therapeutic learning approach for children, who lost their parents and now lived in a world of marginality, uncertainty and disabling psychosocial loss.

He said as the economy recovers, the council would provide shelter to orphans as some are homeless because relatives have seized their properties.

Council has been paying attention to providing shelter to destitute people now “we are in the process to assist orphans and children in need of care,” he added.

He said the council had been providing the necessary items such clothing, food, uniforms and believed that a lot has to be done to ensure the orphans live healthy lives.

Mr Seroke also commended Ark amp Mark Trust for a job well done noting that the trust has transformed the children and equipped them with life skills. He urged the graduates to apply what they have learnt and share with their peers.

He also appealed to the graduates to take aantages of government initiatives aimed to improve the living standards of children. He cited initiatives such as Children’s Forum, a platform where their voices could be heard.

Mr Seroke said orphans are faced with challenges such as abuse by relatives, discrimination, property being taken by relatives and being denied the right to education and assistance provided by government such as food baskets.

For her part, Ms Tshepiso Sekopo of Ark n’ Mark Trust said the programme uses a three prong philosophy beginning with a 16-day wilderness therapeutic retreat for the children, followed by caregiver sensitisation workshops and completed with a 3-year follow-up program.

The intent of their EARTH therapy is to provide these disaantaged children with a transformative experience, and with a philosophical, practical basis for building healthy lives for themselves using nature and the great outdoors as a healing platform.

She said the trust which was conceived and registered in 2007 as a seed of success for a child strengthening focused program called Ark for Children Program, operating under People and Nature Trust (PAN) has produced significant results over the years grabbing the attention of the government.

She said the government along with Ark for Children Trust came up with a three Phase Pilot programme which begun in 2006.

Ms Sekopo observed that since its establishment, 6000 care givers had been trained and 15 0000 children had passed through the programme.

She said they had expanded the programme to schools as children stay most of their time at schools. She noted that councils have shown interest in the programme noting that Francistown City Council was the first entity to successfully replicate the program in 2004 further capturing the national governments interest in the program.

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Source : Botswana Daily News

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