Orapa Stop Sankoyo

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Orapa United dashed Sankoyo Bush Bucks hopes of ending the first round with a win when they held them to a one-all draw on December 20.

Sankoyo Bush Bucks, who have been in a winning streak, did not play up to expectation from the beginning of the match.

Although Orapa had an upper hand, their aances on the Ngurungu boys’ goalposts did not yield any results as the goalkeeper parried all the shots directed at him. It was only in the second half that the Ngurungu boys woke up from their slumber and made attacks on their opponent’s defence with Morris Ruzivo’s causing havoc.

In the 60th minute, Ruzivo gave his team the lead with a brilliant goal that caught the Orapa defence napping. Sankayo managed to defend their lead until the referee’s optional time when Orapa United equalised.

Although many felt that the goal was offside, the referee recorded it as a goal much to the annoyance of Sankoyo supporters. Sankoyo head coach, Philani Mabhena said his teams poor performance could be attributed to administrative issues that the players had with management.

He said they could have won the game, but that the players’ morale was low. “We did not play well because we have issues in our camp which need urgent attention. We even struggled to train during the week because of the players mindset.”

Mabhena said they could have snatched the three points to end the first leg with 23 points. He, however, expressed happiness that they managed to meet their target of ending the first round with 20 points, noting that their encounter with Orapa United was a bonus to them.

Sankoyo public relations officer, Thato Molosi said they had financial issues with players, which led to them failing to meet players salaries for the past two months. He said they were working around the clock to address the problem.

For his part, Orapa United assistant coach, Chippa Koolese said his boys gave their opponents a chance to be confident and control the game. He said they were sitting back hence Sankoyo gained confidence and scored in the second half.

He said they could have scored more goals in the first half but failed. “We are happy that we played well in the first round as we managed to be amongst the top eight,” he added.

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Source : Botswana Daily News

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