Palapye women spearhead crime fighting

Fed-up with the ever increasing crime wave in their community, a cluster of Palapye women, many of whom are members of Emang Basadi summoned the villagers and other stakeholders to the village main Kgotla yesterday to device ways with which crime can be curbed in Palapye.

The adage “Mme ke Mosala gae” rang true as it is women who as home minders have first-hand experience of the effects of crime hence their stance to nip it in its bud.

The meeting was attended by amongst others the village leadership, top brass from the local police station as well as multitudes of villagers despite it being held on a weekday.

After protocol was observed, it was the community Policing coordinator, Seargeant Bob Machacha who updated the villagers on the local crime statistics before adding that they converged at the behest of the concerned women hence all was to be lead by them.

One of the concerned villagers, Iponeng Motsumi decried the lack of interest of the youth in attending such meetings as it is their turn to take leadership reigns and ensure they don’t inherit a troubled nation besieged by crime and terror.

“It is saddening to see that in our mist we have only the elderly despite our children (youth) being the major perpetrators in the heinous crimes committed in our locality,” Motsumi said.

Speaker after speaker singled out the scourge of cattle rustling and assaults as their main worry in the village.

It is believed the rise in the two offenses could be attributed to the fast growth rate of their village which attracts many people some with undesirable tendencies.

Lately there have been many reports of villagers being assaulted when having stumbled into the cattle rustlers in the Bonwakatlhako area of Palapye.

“These criminals are heartless as they assault and maim the elderly when on the trail of their missing livestock. It is in our nature as Batswana to greet and ask for directions when lost, but these criminals go to the extent of killing if they suspect you will report them about their criminal activities,” one village elder Malebogo Moloi said.

Because the villagers and the community policing cluster believe the perpetrators prefer the stealth of donkey carts to ferry the carcasses, it was agreed on principle to introduce the cordon and search operations including the Police and village volunteers in order to fight the scourge.

Superintendant Waboraro Ramaja, station commander of Palapye police told BOPA on the sidelines of the meeting that it is important to operate jointly with other stake holdersers to fight crime.